SOCINCE -Agencia de Noticias para las Américas-

SOCINCE -Agencia de Noticias para las Américas-

Cristina Lescano president of a collective called El Ceibo

I am president of a collective called El Ceibo, it is a collective… Well in the end we were “cartoneros”, today we are social entrepreneurs, a collective is a social company, many are ashamed to say that but today we are like a company we work as a company…

We started in a square working with the environmental promoters, there the logistics of the neighbors who signed up was designated. We had nothing.

The thing about people… They say don’t want to work, but we should end with social plans, if I’m going to ask to buy a machine from the Ministry of Social Development, they won’t give me to buy a machine, but they will give me a subsidy for us to give people … and people will have to earn their money … we have to teach Argentines, that we can generate resources, whether they are a lot or a few, we started out of nowhere…

Of course people from all over the world come to see us because we do the work for free, and in the end the state pays great fortunes to others but well… Here we are, we will continue forward and they won’t bring us down. General Coordinator: Cristina Lescano,

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