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SOCINCE -Agencia de Noticias para las Américas-

“Entre Cerros 1” Neighborhood Looking for solutions

Miguelina Rial, “Entre Cerros 1” Neighborhood Looking for solutions To the neighborhood problems Trying to access to services, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

07.02.21.- I’m Miguelina Rial, mentor of the seizures. We have been here for 8 years seeing how neighborhood problems can be solved, mostly to access basic services. Well, we’ve been fighting for 8 years now, always fighting in the right way and we haven’t had a solution so from any place and whoever can help us, we will be delighted to receive your help. This is “Entre Cerros” since “Entre Cerros 1” is not a take anymore this is in the Entre Cerros 1 neighborhood.

We’ve put names to the streets by ourselves too, we’ve done some posters. I mean, whatever is at our disposal. Maybe it’s not much but we do what we can. There are 64 families and, 3 lands will be lacking at most for the neighborhood to be completed.

So it’d be great if you can help us from anywhere, mostly because we aren’t just a group of three people, we are a lot and we have been here for eight years; more or less the population is… from 30 to 35 children, 2 adults and then the rest are mostly young. There aren’t older adults.

There isn’t medical attention because the chairperson of the nearby neighborhood “Pilar 1” says that there can’t be two institutions at the same place which in some way it’s true but well, the medical attention is very much needed for all neighbors. There isn’t medical attention consequently of the gas being cut off and well the doctor says that it is inhuman to see children and neighbors in those conditions, Although the “Entre Cerros 1” neighborhood has few adults, “Pilar 1” has a larger adult population. However they can’t be seen by the doctor either because they don’t have heating. And this has been happening since the beginning of this year.

Last year we no longer had a nurse because she didn’t want to come to this health center and well, this year the doctor doesn’t come anymore either. Those who live at the border with “Pilar 1” can put their pillar of light. The limit is here, why? Because the pillar is on the sidewalk. That’s what they explained to us. The cooperative puts the pillars here because it’s on the sidewalk of “Pilar 1” and they tell us we cannot put them inside because we invade the property, we understand that the cooperative promised to not cut our cables anymore because in 2018 two thousand eighteen they cut our cables and they took at least thirty meters of the cables, but well, you also need the basics to live so that’s all… 

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