SOCINCE -Agencia de Noticias para las Américas-

SOCINCE -Agencia de Noticias para las Américas-

Community work to decorate the town with recycled materials.

Capoiví celebrates Christmas. Province of Misiones, Argentina.

Good morning, my name is Estefania Obregon and I work here at Tourism information in Capiovi about five years ago. Well, about the town’s history… Capioví is a town of German and Brazilian emigrants that colonized this part of Misiones in 1919 in the company of Carlos Culmey. In principle, this company obtained lands in this town and in 1920 the first family of Enrique Graef started the colonization. Since then and thanks to him, sawmills were founded and the mark that characterizes Capiovi today begins to form.

Later on and with different historic events that Misiones and Capioví went through and with Misiones becoming a province in 1953, Capioví also had its stamp as locality. An incident which marked the grown of the town was in 1970 with the establishment of a company called “Papel Misionero”, hence there was a cultural shock because the founding of the company brought with it families from other provinces and other countries to settle here, for example, from the province of Salta, from the southern province of Argentina, as well as from countries like Chile, Paraguay, and from there it continued to grow and is what characterizes the town today.

Regarding the decoration, this activity arose in 2009 by the catechism group, they  gather to decorate the avenue and the church, Later, over time, this practice began to like so much that it began to expand little by little and well over the course of time citizens began to join and the community group that characterizes the town today is formed because it is a community activity, the different people of our community support and help each other to collect, recycle and give rise to what Christmas is in Capiovi.

Another very particular characteristic here in Capioví is the coming together of the community to work, the recycling which is a community work that the town has is not a new thing, it comes from before long ago since its foundation, for example The parish that is in our town was built in all these years in community with all the inhabitants little by little so that this work is established, for example, about the institute Nuestra Señora Itatí the town also did community work to bring the nuns and also to build a school here in our town and it is a particular characteristic which is not only seen in the decoration but also in many activities here altogether that takes place in our community. 

By Rocio Antonella Ojeda (@rocioaojeda) for SOCINCE –New’s Agency for the Americas-.

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