SOCINCE -Agencia de Noticias para las Américas-

SOCINCE -Agencia de Noticias para las Américas-

El Ceibo: recycles in the hockey tournament

The recycling movement comes to Hockey with El Ceibo Cooperative.

Recycling. El Ceibo RSU in the Italian Club’s Hockey tournament  

02.19.22 – An activity organized by the Italian Club that joins a new process of urban solid waste in Argentina. A hockey tournament of different categories organized by the Italian Club for ten years now and it was in the interest of the organizers to join the world of recycling to be able to keep the girls who play hockey informed and they can join the activities of El CEIBO RSU cooperative, a way to raise awareness and take care of the planet and we are going to take care of ourselves. The important trajectory of El Ceibo RSU stands out since 1989, working in the neighborhood of Palermo in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Members of El Ceibo handed out the hockey girls the key rings they made for their 30 years of activity; an activity that they started with nothing and nowadays they are considered a social enterprise and that its president Cristina Lescano is also in charge of a federation that brings together organizations from the FECARA sector and as she says in her presentations: “this federation was founded with people who think that we can get this country forward by working..”.

WhatsApp El Ceibo: +54 9 11 5474 0290  /  +54 9 11 6970 5893

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