SOCINCE -Agencia de Noticias para las Américas-

SOCINCE -Agencia de Noticias para las Américas-

SO LONG Cristina Lescano.

The grief is enormous. Farewell, Cristina!

01.04.22 – Cristina Lescano left us this morning. She passed away silently because her heart could not hold it anymore and left a lot of broken hearts full of pain because she was an extraordinary woman.

Cristina was a leader, a teacher, a strong woman who with litter assembled a cooperative providing work. She was the driving force and gears of the cooperative; she was the one who kept alive the essence of “El Ceibo RSU”.

Cristina taught us to never give up, to face all our battles, to gain the dignity we deserved with our work and our experience.

She transformed and recycled our lives forever. And today, we are better persons after we met her, after we learned from her and walked her same path, which left us a mark forever.

Cristina, fly high, very high. We will mourn you, we will miss you, we will never forget you and we will try to follow the path that you showed us: THE WORK, THE DIGNITY, THE INCLUSION, THE EQUITY AND THE SOCIAL JUSTICE.

FAREWELL, DEAR CRISTINA. Contac Ceibo: +54 9 11 5474 0290  /  +54 9 11 6050 2629

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